27October2014 [FAN] From personality to ability – A talk about Park YuChun (Part 1)

In my eyes, YuChun is a very refined artist and he is the kind of artist who you will never get boring with even after a long period. His attractive charms is not only shown through his forever changing abilities, but also through his interesting experiences in performing. Regarding his personality and comments about his works, there are plentiful of personal traits that can be dug out from the past. As for the future, there are limitless of potentials that are worth waiting for.

As a imo fan, I have never chased after a celebrity before. It was an accident falling for YuChun. It was also a destined relationship. In merely two years, I have become an all rounder from a Garang fan since the beginning. YuChun’s personality and charms attracted me day by day. YuChun’s potentials and efforts to show off his various strengths made me feel happy and…

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